The construct of Archonia acts much like a big play pen for the human souls that cross over into this dimension.

Without this world as a transition the soul would not be able to comprehend existence and be lost in the infinite energy that makes up Archonia.

This is why the appearance of the maps look so intentional and unnatural.

The more souls that cross over the more this land expands to fit them all in.

- Jarod Meyer   
Enter the world of Archonia
Hundreds of dimensions away from our own mortal universe there exists a land called Archonia, a place that is not bound by the physical parameters like gravity, density, or mass. Instead it is a place made completely from kinetic energy.
The original nine Archons created the physical universe by making a vast expanse to hold immense amounts of matter. They then gave this matter properties and governing rules which we call physics.
The creation of life was completely by accident and the Archons watched as single cell organisms evolved over billions of years. Eventually early humans began to evolve and they looked very much like the Archons themselves.
One of the Archons gave mankind a gift, the gift of immortality. Upon their death their inner energy is preserved in what we would call the soul. If our souls are pure enough then they are given the opportunity to continue their life.
Should they not be pure enough they fall to darkness and either endlessly walk the spirit world one dimension away from the physical world, or they are taken by evil souls to Dichonia. A place created as a prison for an Archon who fell to darkness.
The Archonian Military
The Synod
The Archons